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Are you a business owner who wants to expand your business? Promote your product in an excellent online shopping application with Emveep e-commerce application

Consumers can easily buy what they want. So do the sellers. They can sell their products instantly. To make customers more convenient do shopping online, this app is supported by some payment methods and delivery systems. The buyer can monitor the order and transaction on the smart dashboard.

How this app works

  1. Customers need to register by filling in an email address, user name, pass, etc
  2. Then, the customer needs to set a current address or home address
  3. Now, customers can start shopping. They can choose based on a new item, category, brand, or current promo
  4. They also can adjust the product’s quantity
  5. After…

During this pandemic happened, businesses that had been in existence for a long time had noticed a significant impact on their industry and were finding it difficult to thrive. Some industries try to change their work style to decrease physical contact and avoid the crowd. This policy may bring more good for businesses and employees. According to a study, work from home (WFH) can increase remote workers’ productivity. It also enables remote workers to set up their optimal home office or workstation. Besides, remote talent is beneficial to overcome business’ types that need a short contract with a project-based. It…

The power of the Internet is growing strong and expected to grow rapidly due to the many advantages attached to it. Today, there are 4.66 billion internet users. In the last year, the overall number of internet users worldwide increased by 319 million, or about 875,000 new users per day. Hence, you need an extra strategy and work on how to build a competitive website so your website is always in the number one position on Google Search. That’s why before building a website, you need to consider design, content, images to attract users, and of course to generate more…

If you are thinking of having a custom development firm for your next big project, there are a few considerations to keep in mind yourself first. From simple project questions to information about the schedule, scope, and desired result, to how your product can safely launch without bugs or errors.

Choosing the right development company will assist your business in achieving your targets more effectively and at a reduced cost. Asking questions is the best way for you to ensure that your project succeeds. These 5 questions should give you a great start.

What is your typical timeline and process?

Inquire about the usual timeline and method…

The development of Android and iOS has rapidly changed year by year. Both Android and iOS are competing to create the latest and sophisticated operating system which are mobile-friendly, innovative, and helpful for its users. In 2019, smartphones running the Android operating system hold an 87 percent share of the global market, and over the coming years, this is projected to increase. Apple’s (iOS) developed mobile operating system has a 13 percent market share. No matter your target user using Android or iOS, the quality, and innovation of your mobile application are essential. In this article, we will get to…

Although many businesses have suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (and continue to do so), the tech industry has done reasonably well. To allow them to work remotely, many organizations rely on digital technologies, putting even more emphasis on technology and the individuals who create it. As a direct consequence of the goods and services that are most in-demand right now, website developer jobs will increase in some industries. Being a website developer, you need to accept all consequences; can be stressful, find errors and bugs, and others.

When I have no prior experience, how do I become…

Learn how the Ruby On Rails framework simplifies web application programming with the “model-view-controller” design paradigm and the Ruby programming language. Ruby On Rails (Rails) is an open-source framework and one of the most popular programming languages for web application programming.

Ruby on Rails organizations don’t need to revamp each and every bit of code during the time spent web application advancement, in this manner decreasing the time spent on essential undertakings. The Ruby on Rails structure essentially streamlines the cycle of site and application working by taking basic dull undertakings off the engineers’ shoulders, for example, the production of…

Website development trends 2020 for startup by Emveep

Website developers work in following the fast-changing on website development trends. So do the businessman or the owner. They would keep update with their website to deliver the best message and value to the target market. Trends within technology are prompted by the website, which is why progress within tech is quite dependent on website development trends. Being creative and adaptable to the circumstances can make your business keep exist. Here are four website development trends 2020 for a startup that is a reference to make your website looks amazing.

#1 Progressive website application

A progressive website application is quite happening times ago. Progressive…

Beta testing is not about test your website or application works, but it is about how you can define your product’s value.

The importance of beta testing by Emveep

What do you do before purchasing a dress? Checking the quality of the sheet, crossing check details of that dress, and fitting it. Then, if you think that the dress does not suit you, you will return and change it, right? Or perhaps you go to the other shops and figure out the best dress. This is a story from the seller’s side. Now, think if you are a boutique owner that sells this dress. What will you…

tips on how to create a successful product with a limited marketing budget by emveep

When you start a business you need to prepare yourself facing ups and downs situations. Being a business owner, you will sacrifice both money and time. In addition, a strong team is required to run your business. In the first time, if you develop a tech product, you may help a developer team which consist of product manager, technical lead, and some developers. Hiring freelancers will be beneficial to make your progress work faster. Or partnering with a software development house will be very helpful especially in launching your MVP. Those will be a little cosy.

Advantages of hiring a freelancer

  • Price

Hiring a freelancer…


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